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Problem Alert

Report local issues in your area and track the City fixing them

Report an Issue

Please use this service to report Non-Emergency issues only. This application will help us track your reports and requests and allows us to serve you better.

If you are reporting an Emergency, call 911.

For Water Emergencies please call (805) 385-8136.

For all other contact numbers please refer to the City Directory.

Reported Issues

Abandoned or hazardous vehicle (9)
Animal problem (4)
Bad or unusual odor (3)
Damage to park equipment (3)
Fire hazard (1)
Graffiti (2)
Illegal dumping on property (4)
Intersection visibility (1)
Noise (3)
Obstruction in roadway (2)
Pothole (3)
Sidewalk, curb or gutter problem (1)
Street lighting malfunction (3)
Traffic sign maintenance (1)
Traffic signal timing (2)
Tree removal required (1)
Unspecified / Other (Please enter description below) (1)